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Jacobs delivers, extends, and manages the Industrial Internet of Things with the only open, intelligent, industrial application platform

Multiple Applications

Ahead of the curve, Jacobs’ focus from the start  has been “Industrial Applications” addressing safety, security, compliance and performance specifically for Industrial Facilities – all integrated in the Industrial Internet of Things.

apprion-icon-ION-blueOpen Network Platform

Universally connecting all applications, data points, in a defined Industrial Cloud – any device, any vendor, all protocols, process, communication technologies and things. Jacobs’ vendor agnostic architecture was designed for the open Industrial Internet of Things  approach.


Experts remotely monitor, manage and service all inter-connected devices, regardless of the vendor or type. 7 X 24 X 365 servicing and monitoring of your Industrial Internet of Things and for the most efficient and dependable Industrial Network. 


Industrial rated products. Applications designed specifically for industrial processes. Systems configured seamlessly with the Industrial Cloud and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Open Protocol Support

Jacobs’ ION System is a comprehensive industrial wireless application networking system. The ION System provides an open, integrated, secure and scalable system for monitoring, managing, and securing multi-vendor wireless devices and applications.

ION’s current version, ION R5, provides comprehensive integration and cohesive management of facilities’ wireless infrastructures, including multiple industry-leading wireless devices, wireless data from all devices on the network and all wireless applications.