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Nuclear Lifecycle
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Nuclear Lifecycle

As the world strives to deliver a more sustainable, equitable society and protect our natural environment, the shift to cleaner energy requires rapid and far-reaching changes across industries, governments and communities, while addressing the impact that legacy nuclear weapon development had on the environment, and assisting in returning land back to its natural state.

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Nuclear offers a clean, reliable energy source, and its advancing technology is also powering a range of other uses from space exploration to desalination plants for potable water. We deliver safe, innovative solutions for high-risk, technically complex nuclear projects.

Jacobs is supporting hundreds of nuclear programs worldwide. With more than 60 years of experience across the complete nuclear asset lifecycle, we deliver next generation systems and support existing facilities to unlock a more climate-resilient future.. Addressing the past, Jacobs is integral in the cleanup of nuclear waste along with the remediation the environment impacted by development of nuclear weapons that aided in Cold War and WWII. We’re specialized in program management, decommissioning, demolition, site closure, nuclear radioactive waste management and site remediation revitalization for some of the world's largest cleanup missions.

We support clients with strategic advice, program and project management, siting and environmental assessment, regulatory compliance, full lifecycle design and engineering. We also help with remote handling and robotics, testing and rigs, construction and commissioning, field services and maintenance. By combining engineering and technical excellence with innovation, research and development, we’re helping clients solve the world’s most complex nuclear challenges safely and effectively.

Featured Solution: Dounreay Nuclear Site

Dounreay Nuclear Site

As the U.K.’s former center of fast reactor research and development and Scotland's largest nuclear clean-up and demolition project, the Dounreay nuclear site is one of the most complex nuclear decommissioning programs in Europe. The nature of many of its redundant facilities means the clean-up and demolition requires innovation as well as great care. Building on our more than two decades’ experience supporting Dounreay, we understand the complexity and the many facets that make this site challenging.

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