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Construction, Maintenance and Turnarounds

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As an end-to-end solutions provider, we are 12,000-strong in the field — planning, managing, constructing, commissioning, maintaining and operating projects for nuclear, biotech, technology, water and government clients around the globe.

Construction, Maintenance and Turnaround Services

Planning, scheduling, engineering, procurement, warehousing, packaging, shipping and logistics, fleet and tools/equipment, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, construction management, EPC/CM, commissioning, start-up and turnover, site and safety management, operations and training, refurbishment, maintenance and turnarounds, decommissioning and direct hire labor.


A leader in integrated project delivery, we work alongside our clients to deliver the best solutions on their EPC/CM, construction management and stand-alone construction projects. As the first EPC provider to develop and implement the Workface Planning process, our expertise includes delivering on-budget, on-schedule projects leveraging the application of programs such as ConstructSim and SmartPlant. Making data-driven intelligence an integral part of our integrated project delivery methodology, we evolved the process and developed Jacobs Advanced Work Packaging (J-AWP).

Manufacturing and Fabrication

With experienced craft professionals, we manufacture bespoke pipework, metalwork, joinery, control and electrical panels including CE, as well as module construction and assembly, and pipe fabrication from our own facilities, both on and off client sites. With five manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and four in North America, we deliver ongoing support to our own teams on construction, maintenance and turnaround projects, as well as stand-alone packages supplied directly to clients.

Operations, Maintenance and Turnarounds

On many of our more than 100 sustaining services sites, we execute small capital construction projects, ongoing maintenance and turnarounds with large teams, often surpassing 2,000 people, with shared management and support services. On other sites, we provide niche services with management and support from a central location. Providing a flexible and integrated maintenance solution means we adapt to support the needs of the facility. Executing turnarounds as large as 2,200,000 workhours, we are a leader in turnaround delivery with a proven, standardized, in-house process for evaluating the status of turnaround planning. We also have extensive experience in refurbishing buildings and equipment to bring them up to current standards, prolonging the asset life and reducing costs.

Industry leadership: No. 1 Maintenance, including Turnarounds, Engineering News-Record, 2018

Commissioning, Start-up and Turnover

Our full project lifecycle of services includes a wide range of postconstruction management and validation services, including inactive and active commissioning, start-up and turnover. Our team provides services integrated into our end-to-end solution as part of EPC/CM, PMC and construction projects. We also perform these services as a stand-alone offering.

Fleet, Tools and Equipment

Supporting our construction, maintenance and turnaround projects requires a progressive tool, fleet and equipment program. We effectively manage the provision of vehicles, small tools, and larger equipment, such as bundle-pullers, in the way that best suits our client’s unique needs. Our extensive program includes tool management, training and systems, delivery and ongoing maintenance.