Integrated Project Services Overview

Integrated Project Services

We’re a leading provider of integrated project services; with a commitment to delivering excellence in our clients’ businesses and our own. As one of the longest standing consultancies in our field, we’re appreciated by our clients for building long term trusted partnerships as we establish extraordinary collaborations with multi-disciplinary experts from across the globe.

What is Integrated Project Services (IPS)?

IPS is a service line within our Building & Infrastructure Line of Business, servicing the Asia Pacific region to provide smart and sustainable design solutions and integrated advisory services. Our clients are never presented with an off-the-shelf solution – all our project services are tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements. For any given assignment we bring together experts from across our business to create a high performing team that we know can best support the project and deliver extraordinary outcomes. It’s this commitment to service integration that we believe adds superior value throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset, from pre-feasibility through to operation and decommission.

Asset & Facilities Management

Asset & Facilities Management

The cost of building, running and maintaining built assets is a significant and ongoing cost, so when it comes to making the right decisions on the best way to manage and operate those assets, there really is no room for error. The journey toreaching your goal begins with a sense of excitement and anticipation as we become ingrained within your business and learn more about your current needs and future requirements.

Our team is focused on identifying your needs to confidently advise where you need to direct funding to ensure business continuity and best value for money. It is by understanding your desired outcomes in detail that we deliver strategic asset management and facilities management solutions that support and enhance assets over time. On the ground, we will help you establish operating regimes that maximise the life of those assets and minimise operating costs. When the time comes to review, upgrade or decommission assets, we work together with you to facilitate the process whilst optimising performance, minimising disruptions and managing costs.

Contract, Commercial & Disputes

Contract, Commercial & Disputes

Over the years, we’ve seen disruption on every kind of complex project, from conception to completion. We’re driven by an unrelenting passion to deliver the best outcome, using experience, tenacity and technical expertise to pre-empt, mitigate and resolve risks and disputes that could affect your project delivery.

Our comprehensive range of contract management, commercial and dispute services and advice help to avoid disruption through due diligence, strategic procurement, tailored tender and contract documentation, contract administration and commercial management services. Where disputes cannot be avoided we deliver a range of services to help resolve disagreements. Our dispute resolution services include negotiation and mediation to assist in more collaborative outcomes. Where determinative methods such as arbitration and litigation are used, our experienced team serve as tribunal members or Expert Witnesses on your behalf.

Cost Management

Cost Management

We’re extremely passionate about what we do; the satisfaction we get from working together to deliver a project for the right budget and within the right timeframe is what gets us up in the morning. Transparent and accurate estimating, careful cost management and a proactive approach are always critical to a project’s success. It is this attitude that truly delivers results for the people we work with – and is the reason they keep coming back.

Through vast experience in the delivery of cost management and quantity surveying services across the infrastructure and property markets, and an unwavering focus on project and business outcomes, our team of cost consultants provide rigorous cost management, estimating, independent review and audit services, cost planning, cost monitoring and financial reporting methodologies and systems; working with you to plan and control all project costs and ensure outcomes align with expectations.

Project Managament

Project Management

There is something immensely satisfying in achieving a great result and knowing that you’ve worked hard for it. For us, it is hugely rewarding, both personally and professionally, to see your projects succeed and especially exciting when we’ve had the opportunity to work together to achieve that result. The sheer diversity of businesses, people, processes, disciplines and geographies involved in each project means every engagement is a unique opportunity to help develop better and smarter project management solutions that will maximise benefits and deliver the best outcome.

We’re committed to helping you develop better and smarter project management solutions to deliver diligently within time, budget, cost and risk parameters. We offer a full slate of integrated portfolio, program and project management services. From full project ownership through to strategic advisory, independent certifier and specialist PPP and PMO services, our team work with you to provide leadership, guidance and advice across all project phases. We actively encourage a collaborative, curious and challenging culture that will drive innovation in project delivery and focus a diverse range of people and processes on the achievement of your shared vision.

Project Planning & Controls

Project Planning & Controls

Protecting and controlling the cost, risk and time elements of a project requires dynamic, up-to-date information and tools that support speedy decision making. We get a real sense of achievement when our team helps you deliver against tight deadlines, provides insight that turns a troubled project into a success or sees a project through to close, knowing that by working together, we’ve achieved the best outcome.

We provide a comprehensive suite of planning, monitoring and control services and tools that determine critical path activities; manage critical resources; and control the impact of changes, risks and opportunities on scheduling, forecasting and delivery timeframes.

Our approach brings together innovative thinking, people, systems and processes to deliver integrated project services to our clients. Focusing on constructability reviews, schedule management, project optimisation, change management, project controls planning and earned value management, we provide an enhanced level of project certainty which increases confidence and delivers outcomes aligned with objectives.

Risk Managament

Risk Management

All projects are surrounded by risks and uncertainties; it is how they are addressed that really makes a difference. We’re at our most satisfied when we’ve helped you assess and manage project risks and uncertainties or turned them into opportunities. Our proudest moments come from knowing that our direct action has helped you achieve a successful outcome.

Meticulous planning and a structured and disciplined approach to project risk and opportunity management support effective decision making regarding risk mitigation and opportunity maximisation even in the most complex business challenges. We work closely with our clients to identify potential risks and opportunities, establish comprehensive strategies for the most cost effective treatment including contingencies, and set up refined processes to monitor and report against them.

We take a disciplined approach to risk management, aligning strategy, process, people, technology and knowledge to identify, assess and manage the key uncertainties and potential risks and opportunities that may impact clients’ objectives. We reach beyond the traditional risk management of financial and insurable hazards by pro-actively seeking to identify all possible risks and opportunities to provide the confidence level and transparency our clients demand.

Integrated project services