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Keeping the world connected together.

Our unparalleled experience with advanced technology systems and our wide-ranging program support capabilities work together to make us a premier partner to aerospace, defense and clients at locations around the world.

We also have specialized expertise in design, build and operation of the systems, plants and test facilities clients need to refine their products including the areas in the climatic, altitude, acoustic and network facilities and systems sectors for the aerospace, defense, automotive and telecommunications industries.

Offering a full range of engineering services worldwide, our work in the industry has included the design and construction of BMW’s Aerodynamisches Versuchszentrum facility in Germany; the delivery and/or operation and maintenance of multiple Ford Motor Company testing facilities in Michigan; the optimization of a Tier 1 supplier’s automotive production systems for a large original equipment manufacturer’s assembly plant; and the production and implementation of our Test SLATE software, which provides an innovative interface for automotive testing facilities.

Our solutions

Enabling innovation in aerodynamics research

ParachutesJacobs’ clients benefit from our extensive expertise in performing aerodynamics research and testing that includes aircraft and airborne weapon systems, such as missiles and aerial bombs. Jacobs operates and maintains many of the world’s most advanced aerodynamic testing facilities, where we also design and build wind tunnels and other test facilities for NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense. Areas of specialty and innovation include:

  • Analysis, engineering, planning and design
  • Advanced technology, manufacturing and O&M consulting
  • Turnkey supply of facilities and systems
  • Facility operations and maintenance
  • Optimization, design and integration of manufacturing systems

Delivering telecommunications solutions for a digital world

Telecommunications systemsJacobs designs and connects thousands of small cell installations nationwide and provides complete turn-key solutions from benchmarking to head-end installation and integration.

We provide new site designs, build existing site upgrades and modifications and offer operations and maintenance services to commercial clients including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, as well as government customers including the Intelligence Community, DoD and state governments. In addition, Jacobs can address fiber and coax engineering and construction for aerial (pole line) and underground cable placement for cable TV operators, independent phone companies and state and county governments, as well as cellular backhaul circuits for cellular phone companies.

Maximizing our clients’ return on investment

Jacobs’ highly experienced and skilled team works in partnership with our customers to tailor a program that will safely and dependably increase the return on investment of high-valued assets throughout their full lifecycle. We have refined our Asset Management Program through ~70 years of performing engineering, operations and maintenance for mission-critical government and commercial facilities.

Advanced R&D and Technical Facilities Innovations & Insights 

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