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Climate Action Plan:   Chair & CEO Statement  •  Executive Summary  •  Introduction  •  About Us
Our Carbon Footprint  •  Climate Commitments  •  Delivering Carbon Reductions  •  Offsetting the Balance
Partnering for Solutions  •  Climate Risk Management  •  Governance


11. Governance

Our passion and commitment to take action on climate change comes from our leadership and our 55,000 employees who make up our Culture of Caring, many of whom have already felt the devastating impacts of the climate crisis. The commitments and actions in this Climate Action Plan are made under the direction of Jacobs Chair and CEO, Steve Demetriou, who has made this a priority goal, with compensation tied to meeting this goal.

The PlanBeyond Executive Steering Committee has oversight responsibilities of PlanBeyond, including this Climate Action Plan. Regular updates and progress updates are reported to the Board by Jacobs Chair and CEO.

Together, we are pushing the limits of what is possible and staying ahead to create the new standards of our future — committing to 100% renewable energy and Net Zero Carbon in 2020 and a long-term goal to be carbon negative by 2030 — planning beyond today for a more sustainable tomorrow.”

Steve Demetriou
Chair and Chief Executive Officer