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Offsetting the Balance

8. Offsetting the Balance

As noted in Section 7, we are committed to prioritizing carbon reductions on our path to achieving net zero carbon. To meet this commitment, any carbon emissions remaining after reduction efforts will be offset by purchasing high quality carbon offsets. Similarly, we will purchase RECs to meet our 100% renewable energy commitment in 2020. However, as shown in Figure 2, our dependence on carbon offsets and RECs will diminish over time through emission reductions and other investments, such as Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA) and carbon insetting5 programs in partnership with our clients.

5 Carbon insetting involves investing in a company’s own value chain by investing in ecosystems the suppliers depend on. For example, a supplier practicing reforestation can lock atmospheric carbon in soil or trees (carbon sequestration), while providing materials to the investing organization and tangible environmental and social benefits to their communities.