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Climate Action Plan:   Chair & CEO Statement  •  Executive Summary  •  Introduction  •  About Us
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Partnering Solutions

9. Partnering for Solutions

As one of the world’s largest solutions company, our biggest opportunity to affect climate change comes not from managing our own emissions, but as an industry leader through our influence on the world’s largest infrastructure projects. By partnering with our clients, governments and other stakeholders, and through our robust innovation processes, we are helping to identify and implement solutions to create a more connected, sustainable world.

9.1 Partnering with Clients

We partner with government agencies, municipalities, private sector companies and leading environmental organizations to deliver resource management, sustainability services and proven industry expertise on infrastructure initiatives around the globe.

We are a recognized global leader in sustainability professional services including consulting and engineering. We are consistently ranked as the top firm by Engineering News-Record (ENR) in several environmental, program and resource management categories and are a recipient of the World Environment Center Gold Medal Award for Sustainable Development.

Our Global Sustainability and Decarbonization Practice focuses on key service areas that enable our clients to envision and achieve the most ambitious sustainability and climate action goals. These services include: sustainable performance improvement, carbon management and reporting, net-zero facility/campus/city design, utility scale renewable energy, distributed renewable energy, energy storage integration and corporate decarbonization. We help our clients establish their baselines and create strategies to achieve their sustainability goals, ultimately improving their performance while saving costs and resources.

Our Sales and Project Delivery teams work with our clients to embed climate action goals, implemented through a sustainability process within our Business Management System (BMS). Over time, Project Sustainability and Resilience Plans will be delivered across all phases of client projects as a standard practice. In addition, as a priority on our major projects and programs, we will recommend the inclusion of climate and natural hazard and resilience risk assessments, as well as adaptation, mitigation and decarbonization planning.

9.2 Partnering with Other Businesses and Governments

We will partner and engage in thought leadership with our clients and industry through networking with the following organizations at a minimum:

These cross-industry partnerships help us demonstrate our commitment to mitigating climate change and alignment with their policies. These organizations also provide a platform to share learning, continually improve and influence performance.

9.3 Innovating for Solutions

Beyond If is our program for instilling and sustaining our innovation culture. We don’t just ask “What if?” or “How might we?”, we act to turn ideas into reality. In collaboration with our clients and partners, we reframe problems, ideate, develop and scale solutions to deliver outcomes that make a difference.

Our innovators deliver innovation workshops that leverage industry-leading methodologies including design thinking, lean start up, and business model innovation to quickly move from a challenge to clear, viable solution concepts. We will leverage this ‘innovation as a service’ offering to explore and work through the challenges of climate risk and decarbonization with our clients. For example, in March 2020, we ran a workshop in London, U.K. with major program directors and operations leads to create ideas that enable demonstration of significant progress toward improved climate policy on our major programs.

As part of our global Innovation Accelerator Program in 2020/2021, teams of innovators will participate in a series of sprints to develop a game-changing, validated new solutions that solve real client needs. Although all teams will be charged to be mindful of sustainability, during each sprint, one team will be specifically focused on resilience challenges.

We will explore projects focused on climate resilience in our planned global Innovation Centers. The Innovation Centers will be focused on the mission of developing, testing, prototyping, piloting, demonstrating and deploying a wide range of innovations and technology solutions.