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Challenging today and reinventing tomorrow, our passion and commitment to take immediate action on climate change comes from our leadership and our 55,000 employees who, together, are pushing the limits of what’s possible by creating solutions to enable all people and our planet to thrive.

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Read Jacobs Strategy for Long
Term Energy Storage in the UK

Jacobs. Strategy for Long Term Energy Storage in the UK. Future role to meet net zero emissions targets.

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Our target date to become carbon negative for our operations and business travel


Renewable energy in 2020 for our operations


When we hit net zero carbon for our operations and business travel


Environmental Business Journal Awards in 2021

Reimagined Perspectives - Climate Response

In this issue:

The Generational Challenge Are we going to be proactive or reactive? ● Tackling the Global Energy Transition Its critical role in a decarbonized future. ● Fleet Greening Reducing global transportation sector emissions is a top priority. ● The Wastewater-Energy Nexus How water resource recovery facilities support climate adaptation strategies. ● Blue Carbon Nature’s helping hand. ● Pathways to Lower-Carbon Computing Harnessing digital modernization for the U.S. military’s computing future. ● Are you Net Zero Ready? Drawing from our greatest minds to explore practical pathways to net zero readiness.

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Jacobs and the World Climate Foundation (WCF) are collaborating on a special edition podcast series - “Sparks”. Come with us as we take you on a journey around the world to explore how different countries are tackling their climate challenges, sparking ideas and inspiration. From clean energy innovations in Scotland, to sustainable buildings in Dubai, we’re interviewing global green leaders, financiers and entrepreneurs about the policies, investments and innovations that are accelerating our progress towards a resilient and sustainable world. Our Sparks podcast series hopes to educate and inspire, sparking real conversations with the intention to Collaborate. Act. Commit. to real change.

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In the Know Webinar

It’s time to think differently about the future – about how we respond to unanticipated events like COVID-19 and how we prepare for and mitigate the natural, societal and economic risks associated with climate change. When individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems are resilient, they’re able to withstand, recover quickly and thrive – no matter what adversities they experience. In this session, we will examine resilience and preparedness in the context of climate change, with a focus on investigating ‘undisclosed risks’ and the full range of short- and long-term climate risks, and a holistic asset management approach for addressing climate change. We will hear from Melbourne Water, which provides drinking water and wastewater services for the approximately 5 million people living in the Melbourne metropolitan area and Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100, the Environment Agency’s single largest flood risk management program in England.

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