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What if...

A hand providing energy to a lightbulb with the human brain as the filament

... we told you we partner with clients to solve complex challenges overcoming change and disruption? It’s one thing for us to say it, and much better when our thought leaders are able to share their insights and experience. Browse through podcasts, publications, interviews and other stories to learn more.

Image of construction site with cranes

Karen Wiemelt: Nuclear Engineering International

The World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, France from 30 November to 2 December, 2021, sees the industry come together with renewed vigor post-COP26. Karen Wiemelt, Jacobs' Senior Vice President Energy, Security & Technology, shares our commitment to supporting nuclear power as a key enabler of the net-zero economy in this special edition of Nuclear Engineering International.


The Magazine of the Concrete Society, Volume 55, Issue 9, November 2021, Head to Head, Design and construction of the structures at Hinkley Point C

Steven Marshall: Concrete Magazine

Jacobs designed the concrete head structures that form a key part of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, now under construction in the United Kingdom. Concrete magazine, the prestigious journal of The Concrete Society, published a detailed article about the design and build of the six structures - critical inlets and outlets for cooling system water – which are among the most complex concrete structures ever constructed in the U.K. While the geometry was determined by EDF, Jacobs was the lead designer for this highly specialist work. Read the article Head to Head in Concrete Magazine.

Nuclear plant detail

Sean Butler: Nuclear Engineering International

Jacobs is helping the U.K.’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to target savings of up to £150m per annum through a digital transformation of its asset management function, with more efficient collection and use of data and information and the creation of digital twins to support better decision making. Framework Manager Sean Butler described our work, which will likely impact all of the NDA’s 17 nuclear licensed sites, in this article for Nuclear Engineering International.

Closeup of wind turbine over ocean

Michael Wilks: LinkedIn Pulse

The UK is a world leader in deploying offshore wind and aims to safeguard that position through revisiting its end-to-end process for developing a wind farm. As an emerging market, the United States will benefit from stability in the short term but should nevertheless learn lessons from their UK colleagues. Senior offshore wind project manager Michael Wilks discusses in his blog post, The Offshore Grid Dilemma: Applying Lessons Learned in the UK to the Growing US Industry.

Wind turbines after dark

Leticia Solaun: LinkedIn Pulse

Building community advocacy is critical to gaining support for bringing offshore wind energy onshore. Jacobs implements four internal and external actions that benefit organizations in gaining acceptance and avoiding misinformation. Read Social Impact Assessment Consultant Leticia Solaun's blog, Effective Public Engagement Facilitates Smooth Delivery of Offshore Wind Power.

wind turbines over still ocean

Maki Onodera: LinkedIn Pulse

The U.S. offshore wind industry will require numerous port facilities. With limited coastline areas available to support greenfield developments, we’ll need to explore reusing and repurposing existing ports. Read more in Ports & Maritime group leader Maki Onodera's blog, Repurposing Existing Ports into Offshore Wind Farm Support Facilities.

Close up of white electric cars plugged in

Karyna Zarate: LinkedIn Pulse

At Jacobs, sustainability isn’t just a concept. We face a tremendous opportunity to influence positive change and drive progress directly. Learn how we are “driving the talk” through our corporate fleet greening strategy in Fleet Manager Karyna Zarate's article, Putting Our Best Fleet Forward: Beyond Today.

Bus driving on road

Gary Thomas: LinkedIn Pulse

Pilot programs are a great way to gain insight into everything needed to get a transit fleet electrification project off the ground. Read about Transit Market Director Gary Thomas's experience with such a program in his blog post, Lessons Learned: Educational Benefits of a BEB Pilot Program.

Wind turbines over ocean

Doug Davy: LinkedIn Pulse

The rapid growth of solar energy in California’s Mojave Desert starting in the mid-2000s provides a template for the impending offshore wind energy development push in the state. Program Manager Doug Davy examines some lessons learned in his blog post, Offshore Wind in California: What can we learn from the Sun Boom?

Trucks on a green background

Marc DeSchamp: LinkedIn Pulse

Fleet owners need both clarity and direction as they focus our decarbonization goals, as converting fleets presents a specific set of challenges. In this six-part series, Green Fleets Program Manager Marc DeSchamp addresses some common misconceptions about fleet greening. Read the series on LinkedIn.

Arial view of trees overlaid with green and blue lines marking water and sewer pipelines

Rajat Chakraborti, Jagjit Kaur, Jonathan Green, Phil Facer and Chris Williams: The Military Engineer

By applying advanced digital technology to support the maintenance of water and sewer pipelines on the home base of the U.S. Army’s101st Airborne division, Jacobs technologists and operations specialists developed a cost-effective method for monitoring the condition of utility systems, planning repairs and replacements and avoiding major equipment failure. Read about our team’s approach, and the resulting improvements to operations and budget performance in The Military Engineer.

Underground escalator beside a subway track

Donald Morrison: London First

London, like many major cities, is building a vision on how to build back better post-pandemic. Donald Morrison, Jacobs' People & Places Solutions SVP Europe and Digital Strategies has been reflecting on how an integrated transport system will help to transform London in an even more sustainable way than before, getting it ready for the future needs of society. Read more on the London First website.

London skyline view across the River Thames with people walking on sidewalk and sitting in grass

George Wade: London Festival of Architecture

George Wade, Jacobs’ Technical Lead, Cities Solutions reflects on the future of our public realm as it responds to new patterns of living and working. The growth of the digital space offers opportunities to learn from as we look to reach public realm 2.0. Read more on the London Festival of Architecture website.

City scape illustration

Carlo Castelli: Infrastructure Intelligence

Is public realm an integral part of the infrastructure that underpins the success and development of our cities? Jacobs’ Head of Cities Solutions Europe Carlo Castelli discusses how balancing citizens’ experience of the digital and public realm will be crucial in reimagining our future cities in a post-Covid world. Read more in Infrastructure Intelligence magazine.

Zoe Haseman

Zoe Haseman: Infrastructure Intelligence

With world leaders set to gather at the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow this year, the focus for net zero must be on working together collaboratively, stimulating innovation and sharing learning. Zoe Haseman talks to Infrastructure Intelligence about the Climate Solutions learning resources, developed by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, which all businesses can use.

One Million Lives graphic

Paul Hendry: RICS Construction Journal

Jacobs' Global Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment Paul Hendry talks to RICS Construction journal about Jacobs’ positive mental health initiative, One Million Lives. Read the article here or RICS subscribers can log in to learn more about how it all started and how it’s making a difference today and into tomorrow. 


Digitally connected city

James Rowntree: Infrastructure Intelligence

In this Infrastructure Intelligence article, Jacobs' Vice President for Telecoms & Digital Infrastructure James Rowntree discusses the importance of collaboration between city leaders, asset owner, investors and the tech sector in realizing the benefits of smart cities. 



Heather Wishart-Smith: Forbes

In her latest column on Forbes, Heather Wishart-Smith examines the topic of the silver workforce (ages 50+) and the looming talent gap - across the industrial landscape, the workforce overall is aging and organizations are seeing a shift where there won’t be enough young workers to replace their older peers who are exiting high-tech, high-skill positions. How an organization approaches the shifting demographic of age and mines the silver amongst its workforce could pay real dividends in terms of intellectual capital and innovative ideas.


Orion spacecraft, image courtesy of NASA

Kevin Mottershead: Industry Link

When a spacecraft embarks on a 30 year mission to the outer galaxy, how can we assess whether it is capable of surviving the harsh conditions it will encounter? One possible answer is by tapping into the accumulated materials science knowledge of the nuclear industry. Find out more from Jacobs' Kevin Mottershead in Industry Link, the Nuclear Industry Association’s quarterly magazine which covers all the latest news and developments within the NIA membership and the wider nuclear industry in the U.K.


Marietta with Jacobs Women's Network MS teams background for IWD

Marietta Hannigan: LinkedIn Pulse

In celebration of International Women’s Day, EVP, Chief Strategy, Corporate Development & Communications Officer Marietta Hannigan shares the importance of celebrating women in the workplace and thoughts on how to #ChooseToChallenge the status quo in this LinkedIn blog.

Organic waste stock image

Todd Williams: BioCycle

To better understand how composting wastewater impacts PFAS concentrations within biosolids composts, Todd Williams, a senior principal technologist at Jacobs shares findings from sampling a small group of biosolids composting operations. He shares what was learned and calls for next steps in this article in BioCycle.

Rainbow pin badge and Jacobs banner

Joanne Caruso: LinkedIn Pulse

Jacobs is part of Human Rights Campaign's Business Coalition for the Equality Act, and once again one of America's "Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality" for a third year running. Jacobs EVP, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer Executive Sponsor PRISM network Joanne Caruso penned a LinkedIn piece on “Creating a Culture Where Everyone Can Bring their Whole Self to Work."


water treatment plant

Forrest Gist: ASCE Civil Engineering Magazine

Jacobs Global Security Technology Lead Forrest Gist recently spoke to ASCE Civil Engineering Magazine to imagine a scenario in which a chemical plant neighboring a water utility experiences an explosion, fire or spill. See why Forrest thinks we should be thinking about how this scenario impacts other facilities in this article, “Risk, Resilience, Response.”

Yellow cab

Heather Wishart-Smith: Forbes

The pandemic has brought with it many changes and challenges to our social fabric, with lockdowns and social distancing measures disrupting the movement of consumers and goods. In response, commercial enterprises of all sizes have had to shift – to try new methods, strike out upon new or unforeseen partnerships, and in some cases re-acquire lost practices – as COVID-19 exposed supply chain weaknesses. In her next Forbes column, Jacobs SVP Heather Wishart-Smith explores how an innovative and collaborative spirit may be the make-it-or-break-it factor for many businesses, with insights from Dr. Alison Conway, associate professor of civil engineering at the City College of New York.

Alan McGowan

Alan McGowan: STEM Learning UK's Catalyst Magazine

Having spent nearly 25 years working on environment and water-related projects in Scotland, Jacobs' Senior Associate Director Alan McGowan is now leading the country's largest and highest priority flood protection scheme. In this article for STEM Learning UK's Catalyst Magazine, Alan explains how Jacobs is working with Falkirk Council to protect seven communities at risk of river and coastal flooding and gives insight into his own role on the project.

townscape sketch with people, bicycles and tram

Donald Morrison: Infrastructure Intelligence

Jacobs' People & Places Solutions SVP Europe and Digital Strategies Donald Morrison talks to Infrastructure Intelligence about how implementation of wellbeing, outcome-focused and social value measurement frameworks have potential to change the way future spending decisions are made and could lead to fundamental changes in the way we look at economic growth. Read the full article in the latest issue.

Jazzy Quinabo-Principe

Jazzy Quinabo Principe: ASCE Civil Engineering Source

Jazzy Quinabo Principe, a project manager and executive advisor at Jacobs and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Orange County Younger Member Forum Past-President offered some tips for building successful engineering relationships as part of ASCE Younger Member Week, a weeklong series of professional development and networking events for young engineers. What does she think are the five keys to building successful engineering relationships? Find out in the Civil Engineering Source.

Matt Alvarez-Miami-Beach

Matt Alvarez: ARCNews - ESRI

Jacobs Miami-Dade Account Manager Matt Alvarez explains the impact and risk of rising sea levels in Miami Beach in this Esri article about how we're using geospatial tools to plan for a safer, resilient future for the city.

Inclusive hiring stock

Heather Wishart-Smith: Forbes

If you were to ask most hiring managers if they wanted recruits who were innovative, determined, outside-the-box thinkers, it’s a fair wager you would get a universal “Yes”. So why then might we be quick to stumble at neurological diversity when it comes to interviewing candidates for positions at our organizations? Jacobs SVP of Innovation Heather Wishart-Smith helps hiring managers examine their own potential biases that could be robbing them of truly outstanding and game-changing hires in her latest column for Forbes.


Donald Morrison: Infrastructure Intelligence

Jacobs People & Places Solutions SVP Europe and Digital Strategies Donald Morrison discusses how the U.K.’s new National Infrastructure Strategy will require the right kind of determination from industry and government to deliver its promises in a way that serves all corners of the U.K. Read the latest issue of Infrastructure Intelligence for the full article.

Kristi Steiner

Kristi Steiner: Treatment Plant Operator

Kristi Steiner, a water engineer with Jacobs, was recently interviewed in Treatment Plant Operator Magazine about the honor she received, the 2020 Outstanding Young Water Environment Professional Award from the Water Environment Federation. This respected award is given once a year to an active member who is 35 or younger and contributes to the wastewater collection and treatment industry.

Heather Wishart-Smith - SAME

Heather Wishart-Smith: The Military Engineer

Jacobs SVP of Technology and Innovation Heather Wishart-Smithwas interviewed for this month’s edition of The Military Engineer magazine, and she shared her insights on mentorship, what she’s learned as president of the Society of American Military Engineers, and how the Society has managed through the pandemic.

Lindsay Gerding-BizWoman graphic

Lindsay Gerding: BizJournal

As the world anxiously awaits a vaccine for the coronavirus, Jacobs Program Manager Lindsay Gerding is leading the rapid retrofit of a facility for potential COVID-19 vaccine production. It’s not an exaggeration to say the pandemic has underscored her professional purpose, and she shares how in this BizJournal interview.

Julie Chang BizWoman graphic

Julie Chang: BizJournal

Jacobs Divisional Vice President and Director of New York Operations Julie Chang joins BizJournal to explore how vision, empathy and connection have been the keys to success in working through the pandemic – and how our Culture of Caring has remained at the heart of it all.

Heather Wishart-Smith - Innovation Leader

Heather Wishart-Smith: Innovation Leader

Jacobs SVP of Technology & Innovation Heather Wishart-Smith joined Innovation Leader to share insights on corporate innovation.


Tom Lissett and Neal Edmondson: Institute of Water Magazine, Institute of Asset Management

United Utilities’ Tom Lissett and Jacobs’ Neal Edmondson talk to the Institute of Water Magazine and the Institute of Asset Management about the partnership between United Utilities and Jacobs to develop a long-term innovative strategy for resilient bioresources and energy services in the North West of England.

Ken Gilmartin headshot

Ken Gilmartin: ConstructionDive

Jacobs Executive Vice President Ken Gilmartin talks how we’re accelerating retrofits of COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing facilities and the role of technology in keeping people safe in this ConstructionDive article.

John Noble

John Noble: PharmaManufacturing

In his article for PharmaManufacturing, Jacobs Vice President and General Manager of Life Sciences John Noble explains how we’re deploying Integrated Project Delivery to support our biopharma clients as they deliver COVID-19 projects.


Japanese snow monkeys

Heather Wishart-Smith: Forbes

If you want to be truly innovative, you need to be ready to engage in some monkey business. Jacobs SVP of Innovation Heather Wishart-Smith explains in her next column for Forbes.


Ken Gilmartin headshot

Ken Gilmartin: International Construction

Ken Gilmartin, executive vice president at Jacobs, spoke to International Construction about new technology, the impact of COVID-19 and how and why Jacobs is pivoting to become a solutions provider.

UVA Rotunda

Heather Wishart-Smith: Forbes

In her latest Forbes column, Jacobs SVP of Innovation Heather Wishart-Smith explores how one academic innovator disrupted his “business model”, and the lessons it imparts for commercial organizations.

Pharma Manufacturing Caesar graphic

Caesar Nieves: PharmaManufacturing

“Reducing risks & addressing vulnerabilities requires a holistic approach that includes comprehensive data protection measures across the supply chain, risk & readiness assessments and the use of analytics.” In his article for PharmaManufacturing, Jacobs SVP of Cyber & Intelligence, Caesar Nieves discusses why data integrity remains a key issue for biopharma firms during COVID-19.

OMFS stock

Veronica Llaneza, Cristina Ortega-Castineiras, Moises Sierra Ortiz: Florida Water Resources Journal

As a result of the industry’s debate over treatment performance, historical cost increases and an expansion project, Jacobs’ team in North Miami Beach, Florida, completed a comparative study on cost, efficiency, maintenance and water quality. Check out the November issue of Florida Water Resources Journal to learn more about the study and how the results have allowed the City's regional utility, NMB Water, to optimize utilization of its treatment systems and reduce operations and maintenance costs.

Kevin Mottershead

Kevin Mottershead: Reuters

Jacobs Corrosion and Materials Science Managing Consultant Kevin Mottershead joins EPRI's Jean Smith to explore how fatigue assessment studies may extend nuclear power plant lifespans in this Reuters piece.

Lindsay Gerding on site at the Atlas project

Lindsay Gerding: Wall Street Journal

In early May, AstraZeneca signed on Jacobs to retrofit a mothballed drug-production line in a plant the drugmaker owns north of Cincinnati. Making a vaccine meant introducing a live virus into the factory, requiring a new air system. That is a normal job for big pharmaceutical companies, says the Jacobs operations director who managed the job, Lindsay Gerding. The timeline? “It was not normal,” she shares in this Wall Street Journal article.

Tractor tilling land

Heather Wishart-Smith: Forbes

In her Forbes column, Jacobs SVP of Innovation Heather Wishart-Smith asks what might we learn from the farming sector that can inform how large commercial organizations meet their own challenges for staying agile in the face of massive digital and competitive disruptions?

Mike Wharton

Mike Wharton: Nuclear Engineering International

Jacobs Senior Chemist and Technical Lead Mike Wharton describes how his work on Raman spectroscopy has created a powerful new tool for characterization of radioactive material in this article for Nuclear Engineering International.


Heather Wishart-Smith: Forbes

In her Forbes column, Jacobs SVP of Innovation Heather Wishart-Smith writes about how, in the age of unlimited cloud-based computing power, disparate data points from seemingly random sources can be cross-referenced and analyzed to unlock connections that can signal critical insights for public utilities and public health officials.

David Whitehead in Konsept Projeler

David Whitehead: Konsept Projeler

Jacobs' David Whitehead shares his definition of "architect" and artificial intelligence, and explores potential impact of AI on the architectural market in this Konsept Projeler piece.

Jennifer Mims

Jennifer Mims: GAD World

How does an effective asset management program improve customer service and travel experience predictability? And why does the aviation community need the most efficient and economic use of their assets and infrastructure now more than ever? Jennifer shares her thoughts on the goals, unique characteristics and benefits of asset management in the aviation space.

Public transportation interior

Heather Wishart-Smith: Forbes

What do municipalities need to consider to ensure their grids and infrastructure can handle their proposed electric bus initiatives? Jacobs SVP of Technology & Innovation and Forbes contributing columnist Heather Wishart-Smith explores in the first of a new series of Forbes columns.

Meridian Water rendering

Donald Morrison: OnLondon

Jacobs Senior Vice President and GM Donald Morrison talks to OnLondon about the opportunity to make smarter, more objective decisions for a post-pandemic world. Avoiding reactive, short-term infrastructure planning and building and instead, aiming higher to deliver better, more thoughtful and inclusive outcomes.

Roger Johnson

Roger Johnson: ENR

Based on 45 years of experience, read Roger Johnson's thoughts on airport design and construction during the coronavirus as discussed with Engineering News-Record.

Oil platform in the North Sea

Diletta Colette Invernizzi, Nick Higginson, Richard Howells, Willem Van Es and Ian Beadle:
American Nuclear Society

How can cross-sectorial knowledge transfer cut the cost of nuclear decommissioning and waste management projects? A systematic analysis, based on original research and written by members of Jacobs’ Nuclear Decommissioning team, has been published by the American Nuclear Society.

Basketball on the court

Steve Demetriou: Duke Corporate Education

From the basketball court to business, Jacobs Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou talks with Duke Corporate Education Chief Executive Michael Chavez about the power of inclusion, and how little changes can make big differences.

Donald Morrison

Donald Morrison: Infrastructure Intelligence

Jacobs Senior Vice President and GM Donald Morrison talks to Infrastructure Intelligence about the importance of decarbonization and inclusive growth in the U.K.’s COVID-19 recovery.

Steve Demetriou

Steve Demetriou: Dallas Regional Chamber

Expounding on our commitment to actionable initiatives and measurable objectives to address embedded and systemic racial inequalities, Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou participated in the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Q&A series to answer questions about Jacobs’ global Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality.

Kate Kenny

Kate Kenny: The London Interdisciplinary School

Jacobs’ VP of Cities & Places Europe, Kate Kenny, talks to The London Interdisciplinary School about her own career journey, interdisciplinarity and what it's like to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges.


John Kipp: Treatment Plant Operator

At Jacobs, we’re always looking for ways to implement projects that deliver sustainable results, and our OMFS team in Trinidad, Colo., is the latest example. Check out the July issue of Treatment Plant Operator to learn how the team combined two separate blower systems into one all-purpose package, resulting in reduced power consumption, a decrease in maintenance and rapid payback.

NASA Artemis launch

Steve Demetriou: World Economic Forum

With the renewed and expanded interest by many nations to explore space, our Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou shares how the Artemis Accords present an opportunity to establish comprehensive and well-considered agreements on sustainable exploration and utilization with the World Economic Forum. The time is now to create a sustainable future space legacy, and the Artemis Accords are one mechanism to make this happen.


Francesca McBride social media graphic

Francesca McBride: BioPharm International

As cell-therapy products move rapidly to commercialization, we’re supporting clients to solve complex operational and regulatory challenges to scale out production. Jacobs Director of Regulatory Compliance Francesca McBride discusses how our work is helping to provide patients with access to these innovative treatments in this BioPharm International article.

Dawne Hickton

Dawne Hickton: Inside Defense and
Pittsburgh Business Times

Jacobs' acquisition of KeyW helped the company expand its cyber footprint across this rapidly growing sector cyber work. Maintaining a healthy work life with your personal life is a tricky balancing act for everyone in the workforce. Check out Jacobs’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Critical Mission Solutions Dawne Hickton’s interviews with Pittsburgh Business Times and Inside Defense as she discusses how Jacobs’ acquisition of KeyW helped bolster cyber work, workforce trends and draws on her own experience managing work/life balance while raising six children with her husband.

Valerie Roberts

Valerie Roberts: ArchIntel

In a continuously changing business landscape, your ability to stay current and remain focused on what is important is critical. Jacobs Senior Vice President of Critical Mission Solutions Global Transformation and Strategy Valerie Robert recently caught up with ArchIntel to discuss her view on how in-person networking and business intelligence processes can help Competitive Intelligence (CI) teams create actionable insights.

Caesar Nieves

Caesar Nieves: WashingtonExec

As the world becomes ever more connected and dependent on digital technology, cyber executives and their teams are working on creative solutions to meet the continuously evolving cyber threats facing federal and private-sector clients so people and information stay protected. Leading that charge at Jacobs is Caesar Nieves, Senior Vice President of Cyber. Named on WashingtonExec’s Top 25 Cyber Execs to Watch in 2020 list, get to know Caesar as he talks about Jacobs’ growth and continued development and investment in a profile piece and interview by WashingtonExec.



Graphite blocks

Mike Davies: Nuclear Engineering International

Principal Consultant in Engineering Development, Mike Davies, speaks to Nuclear Engineering International about irradiated graphite, treatment options, key areas needing further research and Jacobs’s unique graphite knowledge.
Photo courtesy of EDF

istock image of a modern glass architectural building

John Noble: Pharmaceutical Technology

Whether refitting existing spaces or building new, the need for quick build times, flexibility, and production efficiency is driving trends in bio/pharma facility construction. Jacobs Vice President and General Manager of Life Sciences John Noble joins Pharmaceutical Technology to discuss building renovations and more.


Katie Kilcoyne: Engineers Journal

“Engineering is at the cutting-edge of the innovations that are transforming our world and helping to create a better tomorrow.” Jacobs Process Engineer Katie Kilcoyne joins Engineers Journal to discuss how she’s using her experience to help clients solve complex challenges and encourage more women into engineering along the way.


Amy Manley, James Kerrigan and
Lisa McGregor:
Work Design Magazine

Our interior design experts share their strategic considerations for redefining the future of work and returning to the office safely in Work Design.

City Illustration

Angela Bardino: Mix Magazine

Thinking about the future of workplace from a societal change perspective, Angela Bardino, Design Principal, talks to Mix Magazine as she examines employees’ impact on both immediate business and subsequent end user groups. Broken down into six ‘dominos’ or phases, she discusses workplace transformation, from the immediate through to future solutions – exploring what market demands may be, as society redefines normality.

Efrain Rodriguez

Efrain Rodriguez: Water Environment Federation

At Jacobs, our people are the key to our success. Investing in the careers of our future leaders with benefits like professional memberships, offers our teams and clients a competitive advantage as they keep us up-to-date on industry trends, advances in technology, opportunities for development and so much more.

Jacobs Operations Management and Facilities Services Vice President, Geographic Leadership, Efrain Rodriguez, talked with the Water Environment Federation about his work in the water industry and the benefits he has seen from his WEF membership.


Diana Heimbach courtesy of TPO magazine

Diana Heimbach: Treatment Plant Operator

A passion for environmental protection led Jacobs’ Diana Heimbach to a career in wastewater treatment. The Jacobs project manager shared her journey and Jacobs’ success at Lehigh County Authority Wastewater Pretreatment Facility in the latest edition of Treatment Plant Operator.

Photo courtesy of Treatment Plant Operator

Coworking space stock image

Zack Farrar: Robin

Facilities management professionals are going beyond the physical infrastructure and are creating the workplaces of tomorrow. Check out Jacobs’ Zack Farrar interview with Robin to learn where the FM industry is headed in 2020 and how FM professionals are creating an efficient, stellar workplace where employees can thrive.

Fort Irwin WaterWorks main gate

Jonathan Green: The Military Engineer

Confronted with the challenge of a water supply unable to meet regulatory requirements and facing growing user demand, the nation’s premier desert warfare training center and their partner, Jacobs, turned to unconventional water treatment technologies. Read about Fort Irwin’s water treatment innovation in the latest issue of The Military Engineer.

Pharmaceutical technology istock

John Ganaway: PharmaTech

“Asset health accountability drives the creation and execution of a robust reliability framework,” says John Ganaway, Design for Reliability practitioner at Jacobs. Software may assist in DfR, but in reality it is the stakeholders who must “build and execute a reliability framework,” says Ganaway. Pharmaceutical Technology interviewed John about DfR and its application in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Pozzi and Zani

Matteo Pozzi and Manrico Zani: NewCities

Jacobs Automation Engineers Matteo Pozzi and Manrico Zani look at how the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 is driving automation in pharmaceutical manufacturing, discussing how operational tech is moving towards an ‘as a service’ model with Pharmaceutical Technology.

NewCities graphic

James Moore, Jason Bird and
Adam Hosking:

Adaptation to climate change can take many forms, and when incorporated with a realistic vision for the long-term, can help us identify where the traditional approaches of protection may not be the most appropriate.

Jacobs resiliency leaders James Moore, Jason Bird and Adam Hosking share a global perspective on climate migration in this piece to kick off our collaborative partnership with NewCities.

Hologram buildings over computer

Scott Jones: California Building News

With a deluge of new technology and companies disrupting the property management field, facility managers have much to gain from the "art of possible."

Jacobs Senior Vice President of Operations and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International Chairman Scott Jones joins California Building News to discuss the rate of change, and the path ahead for technology-enabled property management in this piece.


Hugh Reynolds and Jim Heemer: European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Compliance with the EU Ecodesign Directive is driving pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities’ energy consumption up, not down as intended. With a review of the regulations currently underway, Jim Heemer and Hugh Reynolds of Jacobs explain the background to this anomaly, its impact on energy optimization – and what can be done about it – with European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.



Cliona Kennedy: The Irish Examiner

Jacobs Project Director Cliona Kennedy has the best advice for students interested in pursuing a career in engineering. With over 25 years of experience, Cliona shares her career journey and tips for the next generation of engineers with The Irish Examiner.


Elaine Clarke: Engineers Journal

Elaine Clarke, Jacobs’ process engineer, knows firsthand how powerful STEM education opportunities can be. She says she struggled to make the decision between pursuing an engineering, law or English degree. That is, until a female engineer from the Electricity Supply Board came to her own school to inspire students to consider the possibilities of a STEM career. Then the decision became obvious, she recently shared with Engineers Journal.

FM Link article

Ellen Keable and Andie Moeder:
FM Link

Today more than ever, facilities managers (FM) are balancing customer service, C-suite expectations and costs. The good news is that as incorporation of data and automation free up monotonous tasks, demand for more human centric skills will increase.

Jacobs’ Ellen Keable and Andie Moeder join FM Link to share the drivers of workplace change and highlight how we’re incorporating data and automation to assist free facility managers from monotonous tasks.

Konsept Projeler feature

Natasha Luthra: Konsept Projeler

Artificial intelligence will (and arguably already does) make the planning process of the architects significantly easier, giving them access to data, creating models and interpreting today’s challenges to solve for tomorrow’s solutions.

Jacobs’ Director of Emerging Technologies Natasha Luthra shares how in this Konsept Projeler feature.

Bob Pragada

Bob Pragada: Infrastructure Intelligence

President and chief operating officer Bob Pragada, talks to Infrastructure Intelligence about the pace of change in mega-trends like climate change and urbanization: “…all this is being accelerated so that there has to be a different way of doing things…redefining what the issue really is and then what the best technology is to enable that solution.”


UK Bioresources

Samuel Hughes and Zac Alexander:
UK Bioresources Market Development

With new opportunities for more competition and efficiency in sludge treatment on the horizon in the U.K., Jacobs looks at the industry response and how to increase uptake of market-based solutions.



Jeff Gamlin, Jeremy Cox and
Andrew Castor:
Remediation Journal

Effectively applied for more than a decade to treat contaminant source areas and groundwater hot spots, while being sustainable and economical, what’s next for subgrade biogeochemical reactors (SBGRs) technology? Jacobs’ Jeff Gamlin, Jeremy Cox and Andrew Castor present case studies for three innovative SBGR configurations, tailored to site challenges outside the norm and overview other emerging pilots in this Remediation Journal paper.

Aerial view of River Thames running through London

Richard Crowder: Water Innovations

Flood modeling isn’t new, but it has become more advanced and important as we understand the potential of the cloud(s). In this Water Innovations piece, Jacobs’ Growth Manager - Water Environment, Europe Richard Crowder discusses flood modelling in the digital age, and how Jacobs’ Flood Modeller and Flood Cloud applications are protecting people and property along the River Thames.

Glass-enclosed hallway

David Morgareidge: Australian Hospital + Healthcare Bulletin

The future is design by data. Jacobs’ Director of Predictive Analytics David Morgareidge talks predictive analytics and how it can be applied to healthcare facility design to improve decision making, optimize performance and future proof facilities in this Australian Hospital + Healthcare Bulletin article.

Queensferry Bridge

Donald Morrison:
Infrastructure Intelligence

Data and analytics are the new bricks and mortar needed to build the smart, post-Brexit Britain envisaged in the government’s industrial strategy, argues Jacobs Buildings and Infrastructure Europe Senior Vice President and General Manager Donald Morrison in an opinion piece in Infrastructure Intelligence.

Robot hand

Natasha Luthra: Architect Magazine

It's not a matter of if the architecture profession will feel the impacts of artificial intelligence—it's a matter of when. Natasha Luthra, AIA, director of the innovation program at Jacobs shares her view in this Architect Magazine article.

Port of Long Beach

Patrick King: Seaports Magazine

How do ports grow, when funding is tight and aging infrastructure and resiliency threats compound? Read what Jacobs Global Ports & Maritime Solutions Director Patrick King thinks in this piece by Seaports Magazine.

Glass of water

Lee Odell: Water Innovations

In this Water Innovations feature, Jacobs Global Groundwater Technology Leader Lee Odell highlights treatment technology improvements paving the way for cost savings and compliance with California’s next-gen hexavalent chromium maximum contaminant level.