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Delivering Resilience

It’s time to think differently about the future — about how we prepare for and respond to natural, societal and economic risks.  Jacobs delivers comprehensive infrastructure, technology and intelligence solutions to help governments, cities and private sector clients survive, recover, adapt and thrive regardless of the chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience.

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What is your challenge?

Connect with our leaders to explore how to best prepare for the future.

Stacey Shepard
VP, Federal & Environmental Solutions

Adam Hosking
VP, Global Solutions Director

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Resilience is the ability to survive, recover, adapt and thrive from chronic stresses and acute shocks.

Becoming resilient means minimizing the impacts of climate change, rising sea levels, extreme weather, natural disasters, urbanization and aging infrastructure, supply chain, regulations, health and cybersecurity threats so public entities and private citizens are safe and secure.

It also means increasing the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems to continue to adapt and grow — no matter what adversities they experience.

Resilience is an attribute of a smarter planet, and it requires planning and adapting ahead of potential threats like hurricanes, crumbling bridges and the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Resiliency helps city leaders and organizations alike strengthen and safeguard their communities and assets, save money, enhance sustainability, fuel growth and secure a more vibrant, prosperous future for generations to come.

When communities and organizations alike are resilient, they’re made to withstand, recover quickly and prosper from increasing impacts of natural and human-made hazards or disasters, such as chronic stresses from climate change.

Adam Hosking
Vice President and Global Water Resources & Resiliency Solutions Director

Aviation, Transportation and COVID-19: How Do We Move Forward?

Kevin Slack, Global Vice President, Transportation, and Andrew Gibson, Global Solutions Director - Aviation share insights on the impact of COVID-19 on the aviation and public transportation industries.

Health System Resilience

When it comes to emergency preparedness and response challenges, we’ll provide our best care so you can provide yours.

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Meet Our Team

Adam Hosking, Global Director, Water Resources and Resilience Solutions

Adam-Hosking Growing up on a farm along the coast, change is a very natural part of life for Adam Hosking. Today, he brings that to our clients through the lens of resilience, helping them anticipate events and trends, and turn them into opportunity – as leader of Jacobs’ Global Water Resources Solutions team.

Meet Adam

Chrissy Thom, SVP, Growth, Strategy & Solutions

Chrissy ThomChrissy Thom leads Jacobs global strategy across a diverse set of markets and clients, reinventing what it means to incubate and deliver innovation in partnership with our talented people and clients. Growth, Strategy, & Solutions (GSS) represents our extended team of global experts that connect across people, markets and digital.

Meet Chrissy

Leading with Resilience workshops

Jacobs is hosting “Leading with Resilience” workshops, a series of interactive virtual events that focus on Resilience. The workshops serve as a platform to bring together experts from various locations around the United States to share their insights on what resiliency means to them; how they are addressing the critical issues impacting the industry; and how they are working together to build a resilient community in the face of known and unknown uncertainties.

Watch the recordings of the workshops below and check back soon for future sessions.

The only certainty about the future is uncertainty. Our resilient future begins here, thinking beyond one-dimensional solutions to improve social, environmental and economic resiliency of communities, organizations and nations around the world.

Here’s how…

Safer Transportation Depends on Resilient Plans and Infrastructure

As the frequency of extreme weather events intensifies, the risk to mobility, progress and safety for global cities grows. What if we showed you how, from rising tides in New Zealand to restoring critical connections after earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, Jacobs is tackling weather-related challenges to secure safer, smart transportation infrastructure solutions for tomorrow?

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This Top Travel Destination Became More Resilient

The gorgeous islands of Belize are a quickly becoming a world-famous tourist destination. But their coastal location leaves them at risk from devastating storm and sea level rise damage. What if we showed you how Jacobs, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Belize used satellite and drone imagery and data-driven coastal planning to protect and improve the tourism economy for the future?

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A Picture is Truly Worth a 1,000 Words in Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, providing aid and returning to normalcy is crucial. What if we showed you how Jacobs, in support of NASA’s International Space Station team, is leveraging remotely-sensed data and high-definition imagery captured from 240 miles above in space to aid disaster response efforts?

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NASA storm imagery
Image courtesy of NASA, Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth 
This Platform Revolutionizes Management of Assets and Operations

In an increasingly digitized world, industrial systems that were once analog, manual, and isolated are now digital, smart and connected. What if we showed you how Jacobs and an international manufacturing company leveraged the power of digitization to automate operations processes to drive costs down and realize a vision of a connected enterprise with the Jacobs ion platform?

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