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Inflection Points
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Mitigating the Impacts of Floods and Droughts

Inflection Points | Episode 003 | May 26, 2020

Show Contributors: Stephen Ludwig, Bryan Harvey
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As the world is experiencing more severe weather events, communities need to make long-term preparations. In this episode of Inflection Points, Bryan Harvey, Jacobs' Vice President and Head of Major Programs and Projects Group, EMEA, talks about how the number and severity of floods and droughts around the world are encouraging new ways of planning to mitigate the impacts.

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Episode Notes

Bryan HarveyBryan Harvey is on the leadership team of Jacobs European, Middle East and Africa business, with specific responsibility for the Jacobs European major programme business, which includes some of the most iconic projects globally at this time.

With nearly three decades of multi sector global experience, in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges, Bryan has a unique insight into major infrastructure delivery, funding opportunities and risk management. He is an advocate for future infrastructure delivery models that focus collaborative effort on balancing the needs of society, with the challenges of climate change, urbanization and population growth. His interest in sustainable blended infrastructure solutions, is one that he believes offers maximum opportunity to bring together public and private investors.

In addition to his Master of Engineering degree, Bryan also holds an MBA in Global Entrepreneurship from The London School of Economics and Political Science.