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Inflection Points
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Treating the Water Cycle as One Water

Inflection Points | Episode 008 | August 4, 2020

Show Contributors: Stephen Ludwig, Susan Moisio
Treating the Water Cycle as One Water

Water treatment is a highly sophisticated process, and today’s communities are increasingly leveraging digital tools and taking a holistic view of the complete water cycle. In this Inflection Points discussion, Susan Moisio, Vice President Global Solutions Conveyance and Storage at Jacobs, shares her insights into the approach known as “one water.”

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Episode Notes

Named one of the top 40 influencers in the water industry by Global Water Intelligence (GWI), Susan Moisio is the go-to person for wet weather and conveyance solutions. Now as the global solutions director of Jacobs’ conveyance and storage market, Susan leads our team of practitioners who are helping to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for our clients by providing innovative solutions that will extend the life of their water assets and reduce the risk of failure. She is a technology fellow and a 30+ year member of the Water Environment Federation (WEF), a Chair of WEF’s Collection Systems & Distribution Symposium and the recipient of the WEF and OWEA Golden Manhole Awards for service—a testament to her background and expertise in the field.

Susan has gained significant industry experience serving as the Conveyance Senior Technical Consultant for the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department Ocean Outfall Legislation Program—a $5.7 billion, 11-year program to eliminate all wastewater discharge to the Atlantic Ocean by 2025; Baton Rouge’s $2 billion Wet Weather Program and the Northern Kentucky $100 million CSO Tunnel.

Internationally, Susan is well recognized for her work on the Thames Tideway Tunnel Program in London, UK—an iconic program that will reduce overflow into the Thames River; as well as her involvement in VCS’s integrated CSO model which includes Odense, Denmark’s collection system, combined and storm, river and treatment works.