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Sparks; Collaborate. Act. Commit. A special edition podcast series brought to you by World Climate Foundation and Jacobs

From clean energy innovations in Scotland, to sustainable buildings in Dubai, we’ll be interviewing global green leaders, financiers, and entrepreneurs about the policies, investments and innovations that are accelerating our progress towards a resilient and sustainable world. Our podcast hopes to educate and inspire, sparking real conversations with the intention to Collaborate. Act. Commit. to real change.

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Each episode will have our two subject matter experts and senior leaders co-hosting together - Jacobs’  VP for Global Sustainability Zoe Haseman and Jens Nielsen, CEO of the World Climate Foundation. Joining them in these critical conversations will be our honoured guests and global thought leaders.

Come with us as we take you on a journey around the world to explore how different countries are tackling their climate challenges, sparking ideas and inspiration.


Episode 8: COP26 and the Path Ahead

COP26 and the Path Ahead

In this final episode we discuss COP26 and the Path Ahead and reflect on learnings from across the series and to discuss how we can Collaborate. Act. Commit to create a more resilient and sustainable world, together. Listen to COP26 and the Path Ahead

Episode 7: Live from the World Climate Summit, Glasgow, UK

Live from World Climate Summit

Coming to you live from the World Climate Summit in Glasgow, we’ll be bringing you the key highlights from the event and chatting with some of the world’s most influential green leaders. Join us as we explore the latest partnerships, policies, innovations and investments that are driving action on climate change. Listen to Live from World Climate Summit

Sustainable buildings, Dubai; Featuring Ayla Bajwa, DP World Head of Sustainablity and Impoact; and Ahmed Al Khatib, Expo 2020 Dubai Chief Delivery Officer

Sustainable Buildings: Dubai

In this episode we talk about how sustainability is a sub-theme of Expo 2020 Dubai, which presented the opportunity for the global community to share challenges, lessons learned, and solutions from the around the world. For Expo, the event is an opportunity to advance the UAE’s sustainability agenda and create a model of sustainable urban development that will live on as District 2020 after the event. Listen to Sustainable Buildings: Dubai

Net Zero Cities, Singapore; Featuring Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director, Resilient Cities Network

Net Zero Cities: Singapore

In this episode, we discuss the challenges in decarbonizing cities and how the city-state of Singapore is addressing this challenge head on through its “Green Plan” – a set of initiatives to advance progress on key sustainable development targets related to their energy, buildings, transport, food, waste and water industries.  We’ll also explore the role of green finance in accelerating decarbonization and sustainability agenda in both Singapore and across Asia. Listen to Net Zero Cities: Singapore

Climate Change & Health, Global; Featuring Andrea Rezzonico, Deputy to the CEO & Deputy Director, The Converging Risks Lab, Council on Strategic Risks; Dr. Nino Kharaishvili, Global Solutions Director, Health System Governance, Jacobs

Climate Change & Global Health: Global

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Nino Kharaishvili and Ms. Andrea Rezzonico about health and climate intersection and how it impacts the global One Health initiative and our common ecosystem. We will be exploring geographical areas around the globe and examine population categories that are most affected by the climate change and complex emergencies. We will also be discussing some actions that policy makers and leaders around the world need to take to build population resilience towards adverse effects coming from the climate change. Listen to Climate Change & Global Health: Global

Episode 3: Energy Transition, Asia Pacific; Featuring Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, United Nations' Economic and Social Commision for Asia and the Pacific

Energy Transition: Asia Pacific

In this episode, we explore how Asia Pacific’s diversity could also act as a catalyst for the net zero agenda and accelerate the transition through trade, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration opportunities. Listen to Energy Transition: Asia Pacific

Green Transportation, North America. Featuring Nick Albanese, Head of Intelligent Mobility, Bloomberg NEF; and Beth Osborne, Director, Transportation for America

Green Transportation: North America

In this episode, we’ll explore some of the challenges surrounding America’s green transportation transition, how innovative solutions could expand electric mobility options, and how placing social value at the heart of infrastructure planning will be key to creating a successful network.  Listen to Green Transportation: North America

Sparks Episode One: Home of Innovation, Scotland

Home of Innovation: Scotland

In this episode, we explore how Scotland is turning cutting-edge ideas into practice to mitigate the impacts of climate change, the role of Scottish research and innovation, and how the country has shown that with the right infrastructure, assets, creativity and determination, a green economy can thrive. Listen to Home of Innovation: Scotland

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Meet Our Hosts

Zoe Haseman

Zoe Haseman is Vice President, Global Sustainability at Jacobs and leads the sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) strategy direction and delivery for the company. She has 20 years’ international experience as a sustainability executive, working across public, private and start-up sectors. Since re-joining Jacobs in 2018, Zoe has led the creation of Jacobs’ first global sustainability strategy – PlanBeyond – as well as its ambitious Climate Action Plan.

Jacobs is now a carbon neutral company and uses 100% renewable energy for its operations and business travel, with a commitment to be carbon negative by 2030. In 2020, Jacobs was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – North America for the first time. Zoe is a member of the UK Business in the Community Net Zero Task force and sits on the Senior Advisory Group for the World Economic Forum’s Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders.

Jens Nielsen

Jens Nielsen, Founder and CEO of the World Climate Foundation, is a global executive based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has worked in more than 20 countries performing strategy work for some of the largest corporations in the world. World Climate Foundation is an impact-oriented organization that works with inspiring leaders from government, business, financial institutions, and civil society organisations to build resilience, enabling the necessary transformation that addresses both the climate change and biodiversity crises. Through its collaborative, high-level network the World Climate Foundation identifies and accelerates cross-sector implementation of markets, technologies, and policies, at the required scale, to realise change. World Climate Foundation is hosting or co-hosting several impact platforms such as the World Climate Forum, the Climate Investment Coalition, and the World Biodiversity Summit.

World Climate Foundation, The road to cOP26 2021

World Climate Foundation, the convener of the World Climate Forum Series and the World Climate Summit, is proud to co-host the Sparks podcast series with Jacobs, who have editorial responsibility. In facilitating the transition to a net-zero economy, World Climate Foundation welcomes partnership opportunities in collaborating on thought leadership activities.

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