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...we told you that by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse? That by 2050, 3D-printed organs for transplant and tourism in space might be realities? That 85 percent of the most common tasks of our future tomorrows haven’t even been invented yet?

In an ever-changing world, challenges like mobility, energy, security and water demand big-thinking, to create solutions that disrupt the status quo and affect real, meaningful change in businesses and communities. The world needs innovators and problem solvers like us...people who turn big challenges into greater opportunities. At Jacobs, we think differently about the future, to deliver bold solutions for changing times, and a more connected, sustainable world.

What if we showed you how remote-sensed data and high-definition imagery captured from 240 miles above in space is aiding disaster response efforts on Earth? How cloud-based modelling capabilities are providing faster protection for increasing flood risks? And what if we showed you how Canada’s largest commuter transit system is exploring a clean, efficient energy option to power its more than 70,000 annual passenger journeys?

We’re proud of what sets us apart, we dig deeper to understand how the solutions we design impact human behavior and performance, because it takes as much human ingenuity as digital savvy to do all that we dream today:

  • Embracing an insatiable curiosity driving the urge to dig deeper, question assumptions and know more – the building blocks for creating rich and effective design solutions.
  • Committing fiercely to the spaces we inhabit – both globally and environmentally – continually reinvigorating our efforts to be responsible stewards of the natural world, as we contribute forward-thinking sustainable solutions for our clients.
  • Seeking out the advantages that science and technology bring in speed, efficiency, impact and creativity, with a mindset of continuous evolution and growth.
  • Using informed insight to craft unique creative solutions that look beyond near-term concerns and provide clarity for a path forward.


Top 500 Design Firms (ENR)


Top 150 BIM Design Firms (Building Design + Construction Giants)


Top consultant for Environmental Health & Safety digital vision and strategy (Verdantix)


Best Reliability Program of the Year, NASA Langley Research Center (UPTIME Magazine)

Jacobs is known for combining leading edge technology with deep domain expertise and intimacy to help our clients make better decisions. But first and foremost, it is our people who make everything we do possible. Innovation at Jacobs is the result of 50,000 dedicated and impassioned subject matter experts who are driven to ask “what if?,” then work across disciplines to go beyond and deliver new and innovative solutions for our clients.   

Heather Wishart-Smith
Senior Vice President, Technology & Innovation



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