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Sustainable designs produce results that transform lives—for our clients, our culture and communities.

Our Global Built Environment business is a connected global network of strategists, planners, architects, interiors, designers, engineers, managers and constructors that provide strategic leadership, design innovation and project execution.  Our practice spans across the globe, with more than $1.5 billion in revenue and includes 5,000+ professional staff.  We support government, commercial, institutional and industrial clients across diverse markets and services.  In addition to more traditional services, our expertise spans all aspects of specialty consulting to include asset management, economics, business development and scientific advancement.

Our talented experts create exceptional spaces across the world through our creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art. We believe that built environments should reflect the context, history, cultures, communities and the natural environment while incorporating advances in technology. 

We believe sustainability is an integral part of our everyday approach to all design opportunities – not a bolt-on process. Our expertise in life-cycle cost analysis and energy conservation analysis, coupled with our familiarity of current materials and technologies, enables us to guide our clients and determine the most appropriate design and construction solution. We use sustainability principles routinely in our designs to improve operational efficiencies, reduce operating costs and promote environmental conservation without adversely impacting budget. Our integrated design approach is supported by our extensive multidisciplinary collaboration in all phases of sustainable building delivery, including planning, design, construction and operations maintenance.

Featured Solution: The Stitch Vision Study


in possible redevelopment and property value creation


people enjoying 35 (+/-) acres of more vibrant, connected downtown scene

The Stitch rendering

Representing potentially billions of dollars in development, this new front door to Downtown will become a catalyst for stitching the Midtown and Downtown cores together.

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Our Markets


Today, companies are focused on missions of purpose. How people work, move, connect and interact is at the heart of the performance and profitability of a company. The evolution of workplace reflects the diversity of our workforce, their impassioned need to share knowledge and experience, an intense focus on wellness to create and nurture a vibrant sustainable sense of community, and the need to attract talent as well as elevate the overall quality of the work environment through the experience of place.

Place connects us to our environment and is enhanced by intelligent systems that engage our senses and inspire emotion, community, productivity and well-being. At Jacobs, our passion is directed towards the creation of inspiring multi-faceted workplace environments focused on the human experience and how we interact, engage and work together as well as how we work alone.


Education is at the very foundation of our culture and our society.  It honors our past and beckons our future and opens new doors of opportunity. This is a time for innovation that requires a fresh approach to how facilities are designed, constructed, managed and operated. Jacobs’ Education practice is based upon the belief that the best solutions and true innovation result from robust, inclusive conversations that challenge entrenched patterns and invite adoption of new perspectives.

Partnering with institutions of Higher Education and K-12 school districts of all sizes, we deliver safe, flexible, adaptable and engaging learning environments for academic growth and excellence. We plan, design, manage and build successful educational facility programs and projects founded on the latest thinking in educational planning, understanding of our clients’ communities and experience in successful project delivery.

Ours is a holistic approach.Innovation is fostered through an expanded field of vision, one that engages the daunting technical complexity of demands our clients face in a comprehensive manner. Our integrated, multi-disciplinary platform offers academic clients an encompassing and collaborative approach that is invigorated by the dynamic potential of an expanded team specialized viewpoints. Jacobs offers professional services for public and private education clients from project inception to completion, including programming, planning, facility condition assessment, architecture and engineering design, project management and construction management and commissioning. Our “total team” approach is the key to meeting our education clients’ unique challenges and in helping them find the right balance of creativity, efficiency and reliability.

As one of the nation’s top five design firms serving the education market, Jacobs offers unparalleled experience to clients, whether they are considering new construction, renovation or infrastructure projects. Changing times call for new thinking and new solutions. We can help.

Higher Education

We partner with higher education institutions of all sizes and deliver safe, flexible, adaptable and engaging learning environments for academic growth and excellence. We design and build successful educational facility programs founded on the latest thinking in educational planning, understanding of our clients’ communities and experience in successful project delivery.

The needs of today’s students are unique and constantly evolving. Design and construction efforts must reflect a sensitive balance between building issues and those involved with a broader campus and neighborhood environment, with constant attention paid to designing the maximum building for the budget provided, ensuring the best quality materials are being provided.

Our team approach is the key to meeting our education clients’ unique challenges, helping them find the right balance of creativity and reliability. We believe that as the world advances, we should advance along with it, constantly looking for ways to improve our process and technologies alongside the campus communities we serve.


Worked in 15,000 schools, representing roughly one in eight schools in the U.S.


$173 million in cost savings documented on K-12 projects since 2008.


Designed more than one billion square feet of U.S. K-12 facility assessment and master plans nationwide.


Partnering with more than 200 K-12 clients


With full-service capabilities in-house, we execute one of the largest PM/CM workloads in the industry including over $40 billion in K-12 projects, and offer design, consultancy and specialty services to support all project needs. The combination of a loyal client base and steady growth is what enables us to attract and retain the industry’s top talent for delivery to clients. We are proud that more than 90 percent of our work is repeat business from loyal customers, demonstrating the long-term relationships we build with our clients. We have delivered large capital programs with high customer satisfaction, consistently mitigating project risks and offering exceptional project outcomes, we have assessed millions of square feet for educational adequacy, and designed multiple new schools based on 21st century learning guidelines.

As recognized thought leaders, we employ proven expertise and technical competence in all disciplines, throughout the world. Our client’s goals become ours in creating and delivering innovative design solutions, with a focus on life cycle costing and performance. We are nimble problem solvers, with a true multi-discipline approach, focused on individual student performance and excellence in educational environments.


With more than six decades supporting government clients and programs, Jacobs' experience includes the design, construction, management and operations of virtually all types of government facilities and infrastructure. As a strategic partner to clients, we keep abreast of evolving government criteria, stay invested in technological advances and provide cost-effective sustainable solutions for old and new facilities worldwide. Our portfolio includes repeat work from all branches of the military, the non-military government agencies and the intelligence community.


Flexible, adaptable healthcare and research facilities.

Research and innovation continuously drive transformation in the healthcare and research industries, which directly affects facility design. With changes in demographics, nursing models, patient journeys, codes and licensing standards and advances in medical research; our design and project management professionals understand the challenges clients face in managing their healthcare environment. We help clients maintain high patient care standards and promote patient safety and efficiency with solutions that can also help improve recruiting and retaining the best doctors, nurses and healthcare staff.

From entire hospital campus developments to community healthcare resources, primary care clinics and laboratories, Jacobs designs and constructs state-of-the-art facilities that are flexible and adaptable to allow for evolving medical technologies and delivery of healthcare services.

We approach the design of science and technology research-based facilities with its primary goal being the creation of an environment that facilitates scientific discovery, while adhering to strict standards of safety. We measure the value of our design on the success rate of pharmaceutical research, on the continued growth and contribution of students of science and on advancements made within environments that we have authored that positively impact the well-being of mankind. Our integrated architecture and engineering approach focuses on understanding the complexities in the design of structures highly dependent on sophisticated and intricate systems, and on a belief that it is possible to resolve the distribution requirements in concert with the creation of a work environment rich with afforded experience.

Jacobs' specialized laboratory consulting team provides strategic and master planning, programming, design and construction documentation services for top-tier academic, government and corporate research, development and teaching lab facilities across the full spectrum of biological, biomedical, chemical and applied and theoretical engineering disciplines. Our expertise also includes vivarium design.

Using data collected about current building systems and the activities of laboratory users, we create a functional program to describe the client's operational requirements. Through innovations in programming, layout execution, equipment expertise and quality control we refine and define the leading edge of laboratory and research facility design.


Airports are the gateway to the fastest mode of commercial transport, helping to carry people and packages to almost anywhere in the world and fueling trillions of dollars in economic activity annually. With traffic growth forecast to outstrip airport capacity, maintaining a regional and global competitive advantage with modern airside and landside facilities is a must.

Supporting your growth without letting a passenger or shipment miss a beat is what we do best. Our top-flight, top-ranked (according to Engineering News-Record) aviation team has more than six decades of experience at commercial service, general aviation and military and aerospace facilities, delivering airport planning, architecture, engineering, program and construction management, consulting and specialty services worldwide.

We’ve held contracts on more than 500 airport projects, including 20 of the top 30 busiest airports in the U.S., 2 of the top 3 busiest airports in the UK, 3 of the largest airports in India, most of the fastest growing airports in the Middle East and the largest greenfield airport development project in Latin America.

We can help you navigate the challenges that come with upgrading aging infrastructure, expanding capacity and improving public transport connectivity—all through the lens of sustainable airport development.

Cities & Places

The 21st century is the century of the city.

Today, almost four billion people live in urban areas around the world. One in eight of those urban-dwellers live in mega-cities, which have populations that soar over ten million people.

With this growing urban population comes complex challenges. Across the globe, urban infrastructure is reaching the end of its usable life or is outdated for today’s needs. Technology is quickly changing our economies and reshaping the way we work. Environmental systems are increasingly stressed. Public finance is struggling to keep up with the demand for more beautiful, more sustainable cities.

These complicated issues require flexible, integrated thinking. Our cities’ long-term success depends on solutions that leverage forward-thinking models, the latest technology and creative public-private partnerships.

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Mission Critical

Reliable, efficient and cutting-edge mission critical facility design.

For over 30 years, high-technology, mission critical design has been at the core of our practice. Jacobs is the global leader in providing integrated planning, architecture, engineering, project and construction management for mission critical facilities. Ranked No. 1 Telecommunications Design Firm (Engineering News-Record) and No. 1 Data Center Engineering Firm (Building Design + Construction), in the past five years alone, we've delivered over 10 million square feet of data center white space and 1,700 MW in power demand, worth more than $13 billion (USD).

Our designs have stood the test of time for operability, low PUE and lowest Total Cost of Ownership while proving to be resilient under the most severe conditions / events. Our reputation is built on helping our clients find the right combination of energy efficiency, reliability, resiliency, sustainability and flexibility while helping keep projects on schedule and budget.

Facility types include:

  • Data centers
  • Command, control centers & NOCs
  • Trading and call centers
  • Cloud hosting facilities
  • HPC research facilities
  • Hardened military and strategic command centers
  • Civilian emergency-response centers
  • Mission-critical utility-infrastructure facilities

Science & Research

Too often, design of laboratory space is approached as a technical task without acknowledgement that laboratories are workplaces too. Needs of highly specialized laboratory spaces with precise technical requirements must be combined with people’s need for work environments that support collaboration, social networking and teaming.  

By incorporating our deep knowledge and global expertise in laboratory, vivarium and workplace design, we offer the best possible combination of planning professionals and technical resources. We learn from the past through our benchmarking databases and focus on what lies ahead by accommodating emerging trends in innovative ways to create optimum flexible, efficient, “future ready” environments for people and technology.

Our Services


Helping you plan, forecast, expand and thrive.

We relish the opportunity to help a client realize a vision through our planning capabilities. Our planning teams are leaders in real estate strategies, demographic and economic analysis, facility and infrastructure planning, utilities and energy master planning and land and site development, permitting, community involvement and workplace strategies – to name a few. 

We have a knack for understanding our clients’ unique challenges, establishing parameters and developing recommendations that respond to their specific issues. With a variety of specialty practice areas of expertise such as asset management and commissioning; transport planning; petroleum, chemicals and energy consulting; utility management; and laboratory planning, Jacobs provides a broad range of management, economic, marketing and technical services and applications. As a global company with local offices that are familiar with regional and local issues and considerations; we’ve got the flexibility and the integrated range of resources and capabilities to serve virtually any project anywhere in the world.


We are a global practice with 1,000+ partners sharing a common passion: Architecture. We are different, unique and believe in solving our clients’ problems with commitment, collaboration and communication. Our approach is simple. We focus on creating solutions for our clients’ immediate and long-term needs by leveraging proven design principles, using an advanced delivery process with state-of-the-art tools and integrating a rigorous quality control process to deliver innovative solutions.

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Design is the combination of our clients’ needs and values, art and technology, community and place – all coming together creatively to build environments that enrich people’s lives and elevate the human spirit. 

To do this, Jacobs focuses on promoting design excellence rather than a signature style, because our design response for each project arises out of the specifics of its site, program and physical and cultural context. Our approach is thoughtful and collaborative; each design and construction stakeholder plays an important role in helping us derive the right the solution to delight our clients. In designing interiors Jacobs aims to inspire and reflect our clients’ identities. We familiarize ourselves with their needs, histories, brand identities, work styles and management philosophies to balance artistic expression with functional, pragmatic considerations.

We integrate all of our services to create facilities that meet clients' needs both now and in the future. Using Knowledge-Driven Designas a base, we put all our talents, ideas and experiences toward striking the right balance between achieving unequaled building solutions and meeting our clients’ business needs, goals and ultimate visions.

Jacobs Knowledge-Driven Design: Workplace Health and Wellness through Choice and Control

Driven to increase space efficiency and flexibility, and resolve challenges of a one-size-fits-all open plan for a healthcare solutions company, our solution provided a wider range of work settings with different degrees of openness and privacy to address their diverse work styles, activities and frequent business change by empowering employees with workplace choices and mobility.

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Health & Wellness

The Future of Work

The Purpose of Place: Redefining the Future of Work

As a multi-disciplinary organization, Jacobs’ thinking and expertise on the future of work scales across global/regional/cities/workplace for a macro to micro perspective on human experience, place and work driving business value for innovative client solutions. There is no one right, universal solution on how best to redefine the future of work or returning staff to a physical work environment.

Discover more (PDF, 1 MB)

Building Systems

Our Building Systems core practice designs buildings that people live and work within. The HVAC provides a comfortable environment. The lighting is easy on the eyes. The power is readily available for your devices. Water is clear and available at good pressure. The building does not move and feels firm underfoot. A building’s internal systems are essential to the safety, comfort and productivity of all occupants in any facility, as well as the proper operation of process equipment within it.

Our work is people-friendly. Beyond being designed for people, our building systems are also functionally relevant. Safety, energy efficiency, sustainability, flexibility, maintainability and total cost of ownership are built in while incorporating advances in technology.


MEP Giant (Consulting-Specifying Engineer)

Many of the challenges our clients face involves some aspect of a building system, here are just a few:

  • HVAC systems: chillers, boilers, pumps, air handlers, ductwork, piping
  • Plumbing systems: water, wastewater, storm water, process piping
  • Electrical power: electrical lighting and structural systems (foundations, above ground framing)
  • Fire protection: fire alarm, security, building automation
  • Data (internet)
  • Voice (telephone)
  • Video (television)

Program & Construction Management

Reliable program and construction management from start to finish.

With full program and construction management services, we partner seamlessly with our clients to coordinate and safely and successfully deliver projects and programs. Over 90 percent of our company’s work is repeat business from loyal customers; demonstrating the value of the long-term relationships we build with our clients. Each client’s requirements are unique, so our collaborative and flexible teams approach each program differently.

Jacobs can deliver total design and construction management using our own talented resources; we can orchestrate the work of outside architects, engineers and contractors; or we can facilitate a combination of both to best suit the project requirements. From the pre-construction phase to construction to post-construction, we function as an extension of our clients, putting their best interests first and handling every aspect of design and construction delivery.

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Built Environment Innovations and Insights

At Jacobs, we partner with clients to solve complex challenges overcoming change and disruption. It’s one thing for us to say it, and much better when our thought leaders are able to share their insights and experience. Browse through podcasts, publications, interviews and other stories for more.